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About us

HyTECH is the ARC Training Centre for Hyphenated Analytical Separation Technologies. Industrial Transformation Training Centres are funded by the Australian Research Council (Australian Government) as part of the Linkage Program. “The Industrial Transformation Training Centres scheme provides funding for partnerships between university based researchers and those in industry. Training Centres provide Higher Degree by Research (HDR) and postdoctoral training for industries vital to Australia’s future.” (Source: Australian Research Council)

  • Providing expert training

    Our postgraduate cohort receive expert training in advanced hyphenated analytical separation technologies. We furnish each student with fundamental and applied knowledge and experience of the latest capability in this field, to provide partner organisations, and Australia-wide manufacturing and end-user industries/organisations with a new-generation of analytical scientist of the highest calibre.

  • Working with technology providers

    We work with technology providers, including sector leaders within the analytical technology industry, to develop and deliver new and cutting-edge analytical capability, focused specifically on new hyphenated analytical separation sciences, designed to solve practical end-user defined problems, and built upon research and development into innovative technology and advanced methods.

  • An innovative research network

    We are establishing an innovative research network, driven from end-user analytical challenges of societal interest, and solved through academic partnership with providers of hyphenated analytical technologies and supporting analytical instrumentation. The Training Centre will provide the innovation engine of this network, inspired, and enabled by the partnerships and founded in programmatic research excellence.

  • A critical mass in research and researchers

    The Training Centre will amass a critical network of research and researchers focused on ‘innovation in’, and the ‘application of’, hyphenated analytical separation technology, strengthening Australia’s reputation and position as a leader in the field of separation science research and development, in partnership with technology providers, including both national and international analytical instrumentation developers.

  • Innovation & new IP

    The Centre delivers innovation and new intellectual property in the form of new materials and analytical capability to advance hyphenated analytical separation technology, and new analytical methodologies and processes. Simultaneously, we deliver new fundamental knowledge and understanding of novel technology and of complex studied systems via applied projects.

The HyTECH team, gathered in Hobart, January 2023. Photo: Peter Mathew.
The HyTECH team, gathered in Hobart,
Photo: Peter Mathew